Our Scientific Programme

The GIS Sociabilités/Sociability is a scientific interest group (groupement d'intérêt scientifique), an international partnership formed by academic and non-academic institutions in order to pool their skills and resources to implement a research programme on Sociability in the Long Eighteenth Century. History, models and transfers in European and Colonial Societies (1650-1850).

This interdisciplinary network aims to explore a variety of themes and questions at the heart of sociability studies. The main strands of its scientific programme are renewed every 3 years.

2017-2021 - Initial scientific programme: 

  • Strand 1 : History and Theories of Sociability
  • Strand 2 : Models, Interactions and Networks
  • Strand 3 : Cultural Transfers in European and Colonial Societies

Download the detailed programme in pdf format 

2022-2026 - New scientific programme: