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Lit & Hist 32.2

Literature & History - 32.2 (2023) 
Sociability and the Discourses of Nature in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture
Ed. by Tymon ADAMCZEWSKI, Jakub LIPSKI & Karl WOOD


Tymon ADAMCZEWSKI, Jakub LIPSKI, Karl WOOD : Sociability and the Discourses of Nature in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture

Link to article: https://repozytorium.ukw.edu.pl/handle/item/8111

Kimberley PAGE-JONES : From Buffon to Coleridge: Sociability and Humanity in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Comparative Anatomy

Link to article: https://hal.univ-brest.fr/hal-04315518v1

M-C NEWBOULD : Solitary Confinement, Aloneness, and Sociability in Sterne

Przemysław USCINSKI : Escaping the Crowds: The Harmonious Environments of Sociability in Eighteenth-Century Writings

Anna PALUCHOWSKA-MESSING : Frances Burney (Re)reads The Winter's Tale: Women's ‘Nature’ and Sociability in Evelina and The Woman-Hater

Karl WOOD : Satire and the Diffusion of Spa Culture in the Long Eighteenth Century

Link to article: https://repozytorium.ukw.edu.pl/handle/item/8110

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pp. 103-206
November 29, 2023
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Études anglaises - 74.3 (2021)
Sociable Spaces in Eighteenth-Century Britain: A Material and Visual Experience
Sous la direction de Valérie CAPDEVILLE et Pierre LABRUNE

Valérie CAPDEVILLE & Pierre LABRUNE : Introduction

Ariane FENNETAUX : Party Animals: Animal Products in Portable Objects of Sociability in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Vanessa ALAYRAC-FIELDING : “A short Recess from Talk and Tea”: The Sociable Geography of Snuff-Taking in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Mascha HANSEN : Breakfast at Frogmore and Feathers in Portman Square: Women’s Property and Elite Sociability

Marie-Madeleine MARTINET : Eighteenth-Century Visuality and Ambiguous Spaces of Sociability: Townscapes, Architecture and Entertainments

Sophie MESPLÈDE : Pets in the Studio. Mediating Artistic Sociability in a Polite and Commercial Age

Kimberley PAGE-JONES & Véronique LÉONARD-ROQUES : Festive Spaces and Patriotic Sociabilities in the Letters of Rachel Charlotte Biggs and Helen Maria Williams.

Susana ONEGA & Jean-Michel GANTEAU (eds.), Transcending the Postmodern. The Singular Response of Literature to the Transmodern Paradigm (C. Bernard)

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Études anglaises
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