Sociability and Politicization Scientific programme 2022-26

promised horrors

Definitions of Civil Society and Forms of Political Expression

  • Political philosophy and the politics of sociability (from Aristotle’s political anthropology)
  • Individual ambition vs collective participation: a sociological approach
  • Sociability and citizenship
  • Printed media (press, pamphlets) and political discourse
  • Sociable manners and the language of politics
  • Sociability and revolution

Spaces of Politicization

  • Political institutions and party organisation
  • Associational culture
  • Popular vs elite, rural vs urban forms of politicization
  • Sociabilities as counter-powers

Women: from Sociable Practice to Political Engagement

  • The education of women and the invisible politician
  • Women as visible agents of political sociability
  • The road to women’s suffrage and revolutionary movements